• Nelvana of the Northern Lights

    Nelvana of the Northern Lights is a milestone in comic history that I've always found interesting, so I worked up this poster for a convention. If anyone ever wants to do a modern Nelvana comic, I'll be first in line!

  • Roller Derby Poster: Atom Smashers

    This is a poster I did for the local Roller Derby league.

  • The Dream of Flight

    A poster I made for my girlfriend for her birthday. The poem is hers.

  • Diptych: The Dark Side

    As a Christmas gift for two family members I designed a diptych, two posters that are meant to hang side by side. This is the left one.

  • Space Cabby

    This is an illustration I did for Dave Lartigue, of the Dave Ex Machina site: http://www.daveexmachina.com/wordpress/?p=9338 . He loves the obscure DC character Space Cabby and commissions artists to draw him for him, so I obliged!

  • Girls of the Abyss: Commander Trish

    So back when I first got into making webcomics, almost TEN YEARS AGO (geez...) one of my first projects was a goofy thing called Amazon Space Rangers. It was basically an excuse to draw cute girls doing SF things, and was really pretty terrible. I mean, you can read the whole thing from the start here: http://amazons.comicgenesis.com/d/20020310.html. I abandoned it when I decided I had a lot more interesting stories to tell, plus it's obvious in retrospect I needed to develop as an artist.

    Anyhoo, a friend and I were recently inspired to start drawing 'punk rock girls' by a local artist who enjoys sketching them herself. Why not, they're fun to draw. In an effort to add a hook to it, I decided to combine it with my original work on Amazon Space Rangers (plus having recently made a study of the work of Al Williamson's Flash Gordon), and voila, a new series of portfolio pieces is born! Now it's Girls of the Abyss, characters in a comic-book space opera that combines the aesthetics of old-fashioned pulp SF and punk rock.

Hi there, I’m Adam. I draw illustrations, cartoons and comics. I've worked on kid's books, mascots, character designs, album art, and family portraits, among many other things. I also write and draw my own comics, which have been published in a number of anthologies and can also be purchased online via my site www.phantasmictales.com. If you need me for a commission, especially if it's comics-related or would like me to draw a caricature or portrait, please contact me using the form below or the email address at the top of the page! I charge $25 an hour, though this price may go down with large jobs. I look forward to hearing from you!

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